About Us

Have you ever been so busy you'd welcome any little help?

We came up with the idea for ClickEats because We wished we could order online quickly then move on to my next task. When I asked restaurant owners like you why they didn't offer tools like online ordering, they told me:

  • The cost was too high
  • Some were uncomfortable with technology


Although I could understand these concerns, I saw all the opportunities they might be missing. I knew then that ClickEats should be designed for both you and your customers. For you, we provide tools like:

  • Receiving online orders via Fax
  • Managing your newsletter sign-ups
  • Accessing customer information for future marketing plans
  • Making dynamic web updates anytime

and more, all at an affordable price, in one simple account. For your customers, we design features to help them save time and energy by interacting with your restaurant via the Internet.

ClickEats exists to bring positive changes to your life. This may be as simple as keeping all your online sales and marketing tools in one account, or giving you simple ways to keep your menus and website up-to-date. We know your needs change as your restaurant grows, so our system is easily tailored to grow with your business. I believe that together, we can build an online system that works best for you.

If you have any questions about ClickEats or you want to suggest a new feature, please contact us. We look forward to learning about you and your restaurant.

Charbel Chalhoub , 
Founder of ClickEats.